Thursday, May 21, 2009


When the whole nation was in a mood of election, there was also a group of youth who were creating awareness on the impacts of usage of plastic carry bags. CEE and SAYEN have launched a month long campaign campaign “Say no to plastic carry bags”. The campaign kicked off on April 22, 2009 and will continue till June 5, 2009. As a part of the campaign, youth were oriented on the basics of waste management including a visit to the AMC land fill site at Pirana.

The students have identified Memnagar, Bodakdev, Vastrapur in Ahmedabad as apart of this project to understand awareness of people survey was conducted by volunteers on 200 people in Memnagar, University and Vastrapur areas of Ahmedabad, and also made them aware of the harmful affects of plastic bags like burning plastic emits poisonous gases, it takes millions of years to decompose etc. They got varied responses from people. Om Prakash Jaiswal a member says “Though we interacted with people and they all know the fact that plastic carry bags are harmful they prefer to use because they have no other option”

According to the survey 82% of the people in the city use plastic carry bags and 86% were aware of their harmful effects. Samir Patel a shopkeeper quotes “Though many people are aware they still prefer plastic bags and they feel ashamed to carry cloth bags that are one reason why we keep plastic carry bags.” 78% of the people suggested cloth and paper bags as alternatives to plastic carry bags. Knowing the harmful effects of plastic bags, 86% people support the ban, but only 37% are willing to join the drive.

Students have also conducted a signature campaign encouraging people to pledge on “Say no to plastic carry bags” and within four days more than hundred people have signed and are willing to join.

Following this, till June 5th, a series of activities and events such as Street plays, Rallies, Photography Exhibitions and Competitions will be conducted along with other interested youth and youth groups in the city.